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Welcome to a transformative space where business dreams flourish, and success is redefined. I'm Grace, your dedicated Business Mentor, committed to guiding entrepreneurs like you towards unparalleled heights without the unnecessary hustle.

My pilars of success


What drives me, personally and professionally, is a simple yet profound mission: to EMPOWER you!

About me!

Over the years, I've poured my heart and soul into the intricate journey of building, nurturing, and ultimately selling multiple 6-figure businesses. Through these ventures, I've not only amassed a wealth of hands-on experience but have also fine-tuned the delicate craft of strategic mentorship.

What drives me, personally and professionally, is a simple yet profound mission: to empower you. I want to be the guiding force that helps unlock your business's full potential while navigating and easing the challenges and stress that often tag along with entrepreneurial endeavours.

Let's embark on this journey together, making it uniquely yours.

Grace Armstrong

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What sets me apart...

Tailored Mentorship: Your business is unique, and so is its journey to success. I provide personalised mentorship, crafting strategies and advice tailored specifically to your needs.

Proven Strategies: Say goodbye to guesswork. Benefit from time-tested strategies that have propelled numerous businesses to new heights, ensuring you follow a tested roadmap for success.

Marketing Harmony: Blend organic and paid strategies for sustained growth. Craft a powerful presence that captures attention and nurtures lasting customer relationships.

Efficiency Over Hustle: My mentorship emphasises efficiency, helping you achieve more with less stress. Bid farewell to burnout and embrace a balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

"Woman, you are actually AMAZING!!!! I have just picked my jaw off the floor reading this and spent the afternoon dancing to fun music whilst making my monthly list preparing to take BIG action with now a direction that feels I can do it, which I haven’t done for over a year! You are SO knowledgeable and I am beyond grateful for your guidance and support, I never knew how much I really needed this until today, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will make you proud, let’s do THIS!"


“Our session was amazing and so helpful. I am feeling really excited about this new direction and taking my business to the NEXT LEVEL.

I can't wait for our next session! You are so inspiring in all you do.” 


"Grace was an incredible mentor! She showed me in a short space of time what I and my business were capable of. Within 1 week of working with Grace, I had almost doubled my biggest previous month. She gave me the confidence to read and understand numbers and marketing data. She showed me that I was capable of achieving my wildest dreams, whilst still holding space for the mini freak-out days I had. Big thank you Grace for helping set up the foundations for a wildly successful business!"

Shaunace | founder of 11:11 lab skincare

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