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My journey as a business mentor is more than a profession—it's deeply personal. Inheriting from my father an innate ability to cheer on endeavours, I've embraced the role with a commitment to guide entrepreneurs toward prosperity. Beyond financial success, my mission is to foster genuine human connections and champion the art of mentorship. Welcome to a uniquely personal mentorship experience where your success is fuelled by heritage and my unwavering belief in your untapped potential.

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From student to entreprenure

Embarking on my entrepreneurial journey at 17, I've built businesses rooted in values that define my mentorship approach. F is for Dance, a revolutionary dance events company, stands out as a beacon of empowerment and innovation. Despite lacking a dance background, I self-funded and independently grew this unique venture, impacting thousands across Australia.

In 2022, after a decade of strategic scaling, I successfully sold F is for Dance, marking a significant milestone. Empowerment and innovation remain at the core of my mentorship approach, derived from these experiences. Join me on a personalised journey where these values guide your path to business triumphs and unparalleled success.

Service business to eCom empire

A significant milestone on my entreprenure journey was the establishment of Begin to Arrive, an aromatherapy brand venturing into the world of eCommerce. This endeavour showcased my determination and resilience, introducing an Australian-first waterless and portable nebulizing essential oil diffuser.

Amidst personal challenges, including significant life transitions and a period of profound grief, building Begin to Arrive became a steadfast focus. Within the first year of operation, I scaled the business from a $30,000 investment into an impressive $300,000 in revenue.

After scaling Begin to Arrive at an unprecedented pace, I found myself facing the harsh reality of success without adequate support systems.

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Nurturing success with support

My entrepreneurial philosophy is born from my own personal journey, rising above burnout and embracing the value of mental health. This transformative experience led to decisive actions like setting firm business boundaries and prioritising self-care.

I now understand that sustained success demands a holistic approach. It's more than conquering obstacles; it's about navigating the journey with purpose and well-being at the forefront. This realisation highlighted the significance of having the right support in business, like a mentor who has walked the walk.

Having benefited firsthand from mentorship, I am dedicated to providing that crucial support to others. As I guide entrepreneurs through the dynamic world of business, my approach is grounded in resilience, balance, and a sincere commitment to preserving inner peace — a philosophy shaped by the belief that the right mentor is essential for a successful and well-balanced entrepreneurial journey.


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Let's talk qualifications

  • Cert II in Business 
  • Diploma in International Fashion Design and Technology 
  • Global Business Graduate with Harvard Business School
  • Business Coach for the Federal Government under an initiative called ASBAS (Australian Small Business Advisory Services) to assist small business owners with subsidised coaching
  • Successfully coached hundreds of business owners across a wide range of industries
  • Self-taught marketing guru with over 10 year experience, putting my own money where my mouth is, I've personally spent over $100,000 in Meta advertising
  • Self funded and scaled multiple businesses to annul turn overs of 6 figures

Let's Work Together

"Woman, you are actually AMAZING!!!! I have just picked my jaw off the floor reading this and spent the afternoon dancing to fun music whilst making my monthly list preparing to take BIG action with now a direction that feels I can do it, which I haven’t done for over a year! You are SO knowledgeable and I am beyond grateful for your guidance and support, I never knew how much I really needed this until today, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will make you proud, let’s do THIS!"


“Our session was amazing and so helpful. I am feeling really excited about this new direction and taking my business to the NEXT LEVEL.

I can't wait for our next session! You are so inspiring in all you do.” 


"Grace was an incredible mentor! She showed me in a short space of time what I and my business were capable of. Within 1 week of working with Grace, I had almost doubled my biggest previous month. She gave me the confidence to read and understand numbers and marketing data. She showed me that I was capable of achieving my wildest dreams, whilst still holding space for the mini freak-out days I had. Big thank you Grace for helping set up the foundations for a wildly successful business!"

Shaunace | founder of 11:11 lab skincare

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