Access my expert advice, get crystal clear clarity on your decision making and create sustainable abundance in your
e-commerce business and beyond! 


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I'm dedicated to supporting you to grow your e-commerce business profitably without being trapped in grind culture, overwhelming pressure, self-doubt, and burnout.
Together, we'll create a path that is authentic and aligned with your true self, re-igniting the fire within you to fuel both your business and bank account. 

My mission is guiding your authentic growth, aligning with your true self to ignite both your business and bank account, leading to lasting success and joy!

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Meet Your Mentor


Imagine having a mentor who has already achieved all of the above by your side, guiding you through every twist and turn, helping you tap into your inner e-com empress. 

By the end of the 3 months you will be CONFIDENTLY achieving your wildest dreams while having a deeper understanding of your self, your e-combusiness & how to live the LIMITLESS life of your dreams.

It’s Beyoncé kind of energy or nothing with this mentorship! 

What you want &

✔️ A business that complements your life not complicates it.
✔️ A business that brings you Beyoncé-level abundance!
✔️ Energy giving instead of draining.
✔️ Marketing tactics that ACTUALLY work!
✔️ A business that's both profitable and sustainable.
✔️ Support from an expert that's walked the walk!
✔️ Accountability and clarity at every twist and turn.

The good news is...

I 'm here to help!



Collapse time and save money.
Create new soul-aligned streams of revenue.
Market your business in a way that feels effortless and fun.
Have a sustainable business that supports you at any stage of life.
Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make any.

Imagine being able to...

Start to LOVE your business again!

✔️ My exact framework for understanding your numbers in an easy and effortless way
✔️ A deeper understanding of how to create more profit in your business
✔️ A profitable business that you can start to be passionate about again
✔️ Marketing MAGIC that I have personally trialled and tested
✔️ My 10+ years of business building experience - l'll be guiding and supporting you every step of the way
✔️ Crystal clear clarity in your own decision-making

What you get


How you will be supported during the 3-month mentorship;
+ Three 1:1 60-Min Mentoring Sessions
+ Session Summary & Action Plans
+ Customised Marketing Strategy
+ Website & Instagram Audit
+ SOS Voice Note Support

Optional Add-Ons:
In-person VIP Mastermind Day
On-Demand Video Training
Meta Ads Management

how I will support you during the 3-month mentorship

The Good Stuff

i want in!

It all starts with a free strategy Call

We will jump on a 15-minute call to discuss your current goals and challenges, and to see if the mentorship is right for you.

If its a full-body YES and you are ready to be guided and supported by me as you scale your e-commerce empire then sign up & payment is next.

The welcoming process begins and the mentorship will start! It's time to unlock your e-comm magic and turn your dreams into reality.


How the process works



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A business mentor is your supportive guide in the business world, offering wisdom and passion to help you excel. They provide insights that empower you to conquer challenges, make savvy choices, and enhance your skills. Think of them as your partner in growth, boosting your leadership abilities and connecting you with valuable networks. With their encouragement, you'll confidently navigate decisions and unlock your full potential. They're like a dedicated ally invested in your journey to success, cheering you on and propelling you forward.

You'll know you're ready to work with a business mentor when you're motivated to learn, grow, and take your business to the next level. If you find yourself facing challenges or decisions that could benefit from experienced guidance, that's a sign. Additionally, if you're open to receiving constructive feedback and eager to expand your skills, a mentor can provide valuable insights. Feeling a desire to build a strong network, explore new opportunities, and accelerate your progress are also indicators that you're ready for a mentor's support. Remember, mentorship is about collaboration and growth, so when you're excited to learn from someone who's been there before, that's a clear signal that you're prepared to work with a business mentor.

With a background spanning both service-based and e-commerce-based businesses, my mentorship style is distinct. I offer a comprehensive perspective, guiding entrepreneurs through the intricacies of client relationship building, service delivery excellence, e-commerce platform selection, digital marketing strategies, and seamless customer experiences. Drawing from my expertise in these two realms, I provide tailored insights that bridge the gap between service and e-commerce models, empowering mentees with a unique skill set to thrive in diverse business landscapes.

Over the course of three months, our mentorship journey will unfold primarily online, leveraging virtual meetings, tailored assignments, and continuous feedback for a flexible and enriching learning experience. As a unique highlight, we'll also convene for a special in-person event in Perth, designed to provide hands-on workshops, collaborative discussions, and networking opportunities. This hybrid approach merges the convenience of online connectivity with the personalized engagement of face-to-face interaction, ensuring a holistic and impactful mentorship journey.